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Track History


Experience & Track History

We believe that our track history speaks for itself.  A catalogue of successful operations and happy clients give us the experience to carry out the most demanding of jobs in the most demanding of situations.

Below is a a sample of our recent charter projects that were carried out to successful completion meeting and exceeding all of our clients expectations.


Accommodation Operations

YearWind FarmRoleVesselClient
2013/2014Humber GatewayInter array cable layAtlantic Carrier EON Renewables
2010/2011Sheringham ShoalOffshore AccommodationAtlantic GuardianStatoil
2011/2012London ArrayOffshore AccommodationAtlantic SurveyorLondon Array
2013Baltic 2Construction SupportAtlantic CarrierAlstom
2015SandbankOffshore AccommodationAtlantic TonjerVBMS
2015GodeWindOffshore AccommodationAtlantic EnterpriseCTO/A2Sea
2012/2013Kentish FlatsOffshore AccommodationAtlantic CarrierSubC Partner

Subsea Operations

YearWind FarmRoleClientVessel*Number of Bolders
2010Sheringham ShoalPLGR Route clearanceStatoil/Red 7Guardian
2011London ArrayOffshore Trenching / DivingLondon ArraySurveyor
2012Westernmost RoughBoulder and UXO removal & SurveyVBMSExplorer>3,700
2012RampionSubsea GeotechnicalFugroSurveyor
2013Humber GatewayInter array cable layEON RenewablesCarrier
2013Baltic 2Subsea cables ROV inspectionAlstomSurveyor
2013St NazaireSubsea Geotechnical SurveyFugroSurveyor
2013Humber GatewayBoulder removalEON RenewablesExplorer>8,500
2015S.North SeaPipeline inspection with ROGEPangeo SubseaExplorer
2015Gwynt y MôrMass Flow ExcavationsHSSECarrier
2015Race BankBoulder/UXO removalDONG EnergyExplorer>3,200
2015Western AldegrundBoulder/UXO removalPrysmian/OMMTonjer>5,900
2016Western AldegrundBoulder/UXO removalPrysmian/OMMTonjer>5,900
2016Channel IsleSubsea Cable RemovalHSSECarrier
2016RampionBoulder/UXO removalExplorer >2,600
2016RampionBoulder/UXO removalExplorer >2,600
2016Western AldegrundBoulder/UXO removalCarrier>2,500
2016Race BankBoulder/UXO removalDONG EnergyCarrier>800
2016DolWin (Germany)Mattress Lay & ROV surveyPrysmian / OMMCarrier
2016Race BankROV survey & Debris removalDONG EnergyExplorer