Atlantic Carrier comes to the end of her successful cable lay campaign on the Humbe Gateway wind Farm… See the video! Our clients write this week on linked in:

No, this is not a new addition to the fleet but instead a herculean effort has been underway in early 2014, converting the MPSV UT705 Atlantic Carrier, into the latest cutting edge technology cable ship. Specifically designed for Wind Farm inter array cable lay operations, this a unique solution, installed by our charterers, that is designed to lay cable from both port and starboard stern quarters so has the flexibility to operate with multiple current / lay directions. Ideal for inter array cables.

In summary the ship’s capabilities and upgrades now include:  New KPOS DP from Kongsberg, New six point mooring (bridge controlled) from Atlas, New 500T Carousel, Dual cable highways with dual cable engines, 40T construction crane (Handles stern quadrant), Cable ramp.  This ship is designed to work in shallow water and high current areas and to lay cable using a combination of DP and 6 point mooring. Designed to be ultra-flexible, fast and multi-functional. This ship is now fixed firm on a long term charter for cable installation to for an UK East Coast project and we hope she will go on to work on many more similar projects in the future.