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Offshore: Ship Charter & Sub-Sea


Offshore: Ship Charter & Sub Sea

Atlantic Marine are not offshore contractors, but instead operate specialist ship charter in conjunction with offshore equipment hire on a “vessel-plus-services” charter basis.

Each ‘Atlantic’ ship has a unique capability to be provided to our clients with a fully mobilised spread of specialist equipment. Vessel and equipment ‘spread’ are provided as a full service package. Our ‘in house’ equipment and services are provided to the offshore contracting industry and include:

  • OSV’s Flotel ‘Walk to Work’ accommodation supply and support vessels
  • WROV Systems operations and rental
  • ROGE WROV Excavator system operations and rental
  • PSV’s Platform supply vessels
  • Mass flow excavation systems
  • DSV’s: ROV/AUV & Diving Support vessels
  • Boulder & UXO removals
  • Cable Ships: Subsea Cable lay spreads and cable repair systems
  • Sub-Sea Specialists: Subsea ROV and seabed survey support vessels & systems
  • Survey: Hydrographic, Geotechnical & Environmental Survey support vessels
  • Geotechnical: CPT / Vibracore / Multibeam / Siesmic / ROV support vessels
  • OPR (Oil Pollution Prevention): Dispersals & incident response vessels
  • Boulder Removal: Boulders & Subsea clearance, mattress lay and seabed leveling
  • Salvage Ships: Salvage, towage, cargo runs, heavy lift, wreck recovery vessels
  • ERRV’s, Cargo, PSV, AHTSV operations

Offshore Fleet

Time Charter

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Offshore Personnel Transfer


Heave Compsensated Gangway system
(Transfers from Atlantic Enterprise or Atlantic Tonjer to turbines or offshore platforms)
  • Transfer in 3M-4M H/S waves!!
  • Permanent connection
  • Wind up to 30 knots
  • Have compensated docking
  • Selection of docking systems
  • Class certified

Daughter Craft's (x2)

Safety Standby / CTV Transfers / Guard
  • 8.3M LOA Daughter craft
  • Wind TP/Tower Rescue
  • 2 x 80HP Twin Engine
  • 20-30 knots
  • 4 pax + 2 crew
  • Certified daughter craft

Mini Crew Transfer (x2)

CTV Transfers / Guard
  • 9M LOA CTV Daughter craft
  • Wind TP/Tower Rescue
  • CTV transfers up to 1M H/S
  • 8 Pax + crew
  • Safe bow transfers to TP
  • Light cargo transfers

All vessels are offered for time charter on a fully crewed and managed basis

Multi Role Ships

Walk to Work Accommodation Diving – Cable Lay PLGR ROV Support Sub-Sea Boulder Removals Sub-Sea Geotechnical and Geophysical Survey General Support Construction Support DSV Guard Standby.