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Atlantic Explorer



High Precision Remote Sub-Sea Operations


High Precision Remote Sub-Sea Operations
Atlantic Explorer was converted circa 2005 from RN armaments vessel to a bespoke specialist cargo vessel, with DP1 Dynamic Positioning for deep water exploration, rock & debris / UXO, removal and salvage operations with a WROV ROGE Excavator spread permanently built in.

Over 27,000 boulders and UXO’s removed in the past 5 years!

Atlantic Explorer is available for charter fully crewed with or without the rental of the permanently mobilised deep water system and its highly experienced operational team.

During her 2005 conversion a Dynamic Positioning System (L3 Naurtinox NMS 6000) and a 4m x 4.5M moonpool was installed enabling high precision remote sub-sea operations to be safely undertaken from her.

This DP vessel carries general and specialist cargo as well as a ROGE-ROV, 20 ton subsea umbilical and winch capable of depths in excess of 4000M, control systems and a highly sophisticated ROV motorised GRAB unit.

Optional tools include Clamshell Grab . Cutting tool, trenching equipment and a mass flow excavator. Perfect for salvage and specialist cargo missions as well a subsea operations.


Load Bearing ROGE ROV

This unique deep water system has been purpose built to provide an efficient method for the deployment, operation and recovery of various subsea tools suitable for all ROV tasks as well as dredging, boulder removal, UXO identification and removals, debris removal, mattress lay or removal, and pre lay cable clearance.

A high speed winch holding 1800m of armoured umbilical provides the load bearing ROV with power comms and lift. The load bearing ROV has multiple functions and is equipped with the latest in sub-sea navigation and survey equipment . There are a range of interchangeable tools for various applications. In addition to this there is survey equipment available for hire.

Link to more information on the: ROGE ROV


  • Trenching
  • Boulder & Seabed Clearance
  • UXO Removal
  • Surveying
  • Salvage Operations
  • Excavation
  • Mattress Lay
  • Sub-Sea Demolition
  • Deep Ocean Operations
  • Video and Inspection
  • Prescision Sub-Sea Maniplution
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Thruster Plan
DP Capability Plot