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Atlantic Voyager (Ex Markab) is a well established MPSV in the offshore market.

The Atlantic Voyager is the latest DP2 vessel to be added to the fleet. With a long history in Geotechnical drill and construction support. The vessel has been upgraded with a Kongsberg K POS DP2 system. The vessel is perfectly suited for Dive Support, ROGE ROV boulder removal and salvage operations, survey, WROV Bubble Curtain making it the ideal candidate for the offshore wind market.

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  • 70M LOA * DP2 with Hipap and Taut Wire
  • Air Diving system mobilised
  • 40 beds for charterers
  • Large 3.2 x 3.4m Moon Pool
  • ROGE ROV subsea Grab system permanently fitted!
  • 40 ton A frame *
  • Winch for PLGR or Geotechnical ops
  • 24 ton Subsea crane
  • Brand new 2018 built accommodation block
  • Pre approved for German waters Offshore Wind
The ship has benefitted from major improvements and refurbishment in the past two years, with the addition of an all new accommodation block, SPS certification and a brand new Kongsberg DP2 system. The pricing for charter will simply beat ANY DP2 vessel with Utility or ROGE ROV type system anywhere in the market on price and on running costs! All in a low cost, fuel efficient and compact offshore vessel which is GUARANTEED to undercut the larger MPSV markets and find a new niche in the offshore wind and support markets.


Sailing area Unrestricted navigation
Built Built: 1976 Sigbjorn Iversen (SIMEK), Flekkefjord, Norway; Major conversion 2006 – lengthening, accommodation area, 4 pc dieselgenerators; Upgrade 2015 – 4 point mooring
Insurance: Hull + Machinery, P&I Gard (Norway),
Classification RINA
Length: 65,24 m
LOA: abt 70.2 m
Beam: abt. 13 m
Draft when loaded: abt 4,3 m
Air draft abt. 23.90 m/ 15.5 m (mast is foldable)
High from keel to top of mast abt. 28.20 m
Propulsion 2 x controllable pitch propellers
BOW THRUSTER CPP BOW THRUSTER CPP STERN TUNNEL THRUSTER 1 x Brunvoll diesel driven 5 tons CPP 1x Ulstein electric driven 6 tons CPP 1 x Ulstein electric driven 6 tons CPP
Main Engine 2 x B&W Alpha 10V23L VO 2200 kW total
Dieselgenerator sets 4 x Caterpillar 3406 440VAC, 60Hz, 325kVA 1 x Caterpillar 3508B 440V, 60Hz, 1137 kVA 1 x Caterpillar 3406 for Bowthruster 1
Electric supply: 440 V / 60 Hz
Max speed 11,0 Kts economic speed 9,0 kts
Fuel Consumption: economic steaming, 9 MT/ day DP 2 operation, 5-11 MT/day 4 point mooring operation: 1 MT / day Standby in port, 0.5 MT /day
Fuel oil 340 cbm
Potable water 394 cbm
Ballast water 570 cbm
Freshwater maker abt. 10 t p.d.
FRESHWATER tank capacity abt. 394 MT
Bunkers MDO min 0,86; < 0.1% sulphur abt 292 MT
Endurance: Transit: 30 days DP 2 operation: 24d
Electric supply 440 V / 60 Hz
DP-2 system KONGSBERG K POS SDP 21 Taut Wire SIMRAD LTW MK 8-15 2 DGPS: FUGRO Marinestar 9205 GNSS HiPAP: Kongsberg HiPAP 500 System
4 pt Mooring System: OPTION – requires 60d advance notice for installation and test OPTION: MacGREGOR 4 pt Mooring System
Communication: 1 x VSAT SYSTEM (internet) with 2 antennas; Internal WLAN from all accommodation area with access to VSAT; including internet access flat rate (2304 kbit/s Down / 768 kbit/s Up, max. congestion rate 3:1) 2 x VHF installed 6 x VHF mobile
MOONPOOL for charterers diving and ROV-operations Midship Moonpool: in lower part below hatch cover 3,46m x 3,78m Horizontal clearance 3,36m x 3,34m due to hatch cover guides obstruction
Main deck Hangar area: Abt. 120 sqm, capacity 20ft ISO CONT: 5
Main deck aft Abt. 150 sqm, capacity 20ft ISO CONT: 7
MEZ-deck Abt. 200 sqm, capacity 20ft ISO CONT: 5
TOTAL Work deck area: Abt 470 sqm; 20ft ISO CONT: 17 pcs
Crew 9 -15 pers.
Charterers Staff: 40 Charterers + 15 Crew: Single cabin = 20 persons Two berth cabins = 20 persons OR: 35 Total in single cabins
Air condition central aircon system
Messroom 1+2 combined Abt: 25 seats
Recreation room 1 Abt: 15 sqm
GYM Abt: 15 sqm
Charterer Office / Survey Rooms Abt: 30 sqm
Boatlanding starboard midship press load 39 T: suitable for 120 T CTV displacement
AFT A-Frame SWL 40 T
Winch aft deck center line Pull: upper layer 12 T capacity: wire rope DIA 22mm; 500m
Special moonpool 1x 580mm dia. Moon pool for deployment of equipment
Cranes 1x Effer 4T SWL knuckle boom crane 1x Hydralift crane SWL 8T, 15m (120TM)


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