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Cable Ship Operations Configuration

Atlantic Marine can mobilise a full cable lay and cable repair spread within 48 hrs.

The system composes of stern cable shute, 2 cable highways, two cable swan necks, cable quadrant & control cabins, 2 x 5 ton cable engines and a cable engine pair, all of which are fitted in modular fashion using twist locks, directly to the deck. It is normally possible to mobilise the structural cable spread within a day! In addition, carousel or reel drives can be supplied on request.

Subsea power cable lay and cable repair is possible in the most demanding environments, with KPOS DP2 Dynamic Positioning and the six point mooring as a powerful combination.

Our charter client over the period of 2014/2015 had this to say about us:

“In my opinion Atlantic Carrier’s vessel and shore based men have done fine work and can compare themselves favourably to any cable pulling vessel we have had on this site. Taking account of the fact that the competition on this site included well experienced cable contractors SIEM, VSMC and well experienced sub-sea/trenching contractor Fugro, it is an achievement of note.

Starting a cable laying entity from scratch is a tall order, having the forbearance to stick with the trials and tribulations as it develops from nothing to a cable laying machine requires quality men and machines and the Atlantic Carrier team has delivered”.


Cable lay / Cable Repair / ROV / DP2  >700SqM of deck, a large moon pool and plenty of accommodation.

Track record: 2014 inter array cable lay on UK North Sea windfarm. Capable of operations in high current areas (where current regularly exceeded 3 knots) and installing a 1 klm cable with both ends pulled and prepared in under 24 hours.

Atlantic Marine has a modular cable system, capable of mobilisation within a few days, there are two cable highways and the ship can lay off on either port or starboard sides of the cable shute for sub-sea cable lay and cable repairs/jointing.

The Atlantic Discovery has the latest state of the art Kongsberg DP II system which means that the vessel will be able to hold position in the most critical and demanding situations. With a newly fitted power retractable azimuth thruster at the bows working with the twin bow tunnel and twin stern tunnel thrusters, along with the two CP main propellers the vessel has 6,900 hp on offer at any time. The ship has multiple DP references including taut wire, fan beam, DGPS and Hipap positioning, ideal for subsea operations.