Atlantic Marine had a very busy summer and autumn, with a wide range of work that included Walk-to-Work, UXO clearance, Multibeam Surveys, Boulder clearance, and Geotechnical surveys.

The summer started with a very successful UXO clearance campaign with the Atlantic Carrier, off the coast of Belgium on the Rentel Windfarm, with this project continuing for over 2 and a half months. During this campaign the Atlantic Carrier used the ROGE ROV spread to clear over 1,000 targets. These items ranged from old anchors, chains, buoy weights, steel wires, cables and they identified several UXO’s that were disposed of with the assistance of the local Navy specialists. Several of the pictures below show the some of items that were retrieved from the sea floor and disposed of in the local ports:

Shortly after the Atlantic Carrier began its campaign, the Atlantic Tonjer continued the busy summer with a subsea wind farm construction support campaign off the coast of Finland where a subsea excavator was in operation in shallow waters for a new wind farm, then following a short charter to become a Hollywood movie start off Brest, the Atlantic Tonjer went on to assist with the decommissioning of an old gas accommodation platform. The Atlantic Tonjer mobilised an Amplemann A-Type Gangway onto the back deck which was a first for any of the Atlantic Marine vessels. The vessel was on location for almost a month, and during that time made several hundred successful crew transfers. A Short video of the project can be found below which shows how well the Amplemann system worked on the Atlantic Tonjer:

Amplemann A-Type on the Atlantic Tonjer

There was no time to rest for the Atlantic Tonjer, as soon as it had finished it’s Walk-to-Work project it was straight into it’s next project. This was a Multibeam survey of several wrecks in the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean using the Triton XLS Work Class ROV that the Atlantic Tonjer has permanently mobilised on board. This was a short project lasting 2 weeks, however it enabled the Charterers to gain vital information allowing them to plan their work for the remainder of 2017 and into the summer of 2018. Owing to the sensitive nature of the survey sites we can’t reveal too much details at this time, however there was a film crew on board throughout the project filming for a documentary that will be shown on British national television in the future, so watch this space for any updates.

Once again at the end of this project, there was no time to rest for the Atlantic Tonjer, as she was straight into the next one. This time it was a Geotechnical sampling campaign off the coast of France. During this 3 week campaign the Charterers conducted hundreds of CPT tests on the sea floor and took samples away for further analysis.

At the end of the campaign the Atlantic Tonjer finally had a week where it was not on a charter, however it was still full steam ahead as the next project required one of our ROGE ROV systems to be mobilised onto it at the Atlantic Marine base in Great Yarmouth, for a boulder removal campaign in the Baltic.

It was at this time that the Atlantic Carrier finished it’s UXO clearance campaign in the North Sea, and it was straight onto the next project which was a Geotechnical survey which didn’t need the ROGE ROV spread. So the ROGE ROV system was taken off the Atlantic Carrier and mobilised onto the Atlantic Tonjer. The Atlantic Tonjer’s boulder removal campaign lasted over 6 weeks, and during that time it moved over 2,500 boulders. The ROGE team managed to move over 100 boulders per day for many of the days! Excellent production for vessel and the ROGE ROV team on board.

ROGE ROV on the Atlantic Tonjer

For her Geotechnical campaign this Autumn, the Atlantic Carrier required a large CPT and Vibrocoring spread to be mobilised onto it’s back deck which took 4 days whilst alongside at the Marine Base in Great Yarmouth. Once the spread was fully mobilised they set sail for 2 campaigns; the first off the coast of France, and the second off the coast of East Anglia. Both campaigns took almost 2 months in total which kept the Atlantic Carrier busy until the middle of November and allowed the Charterers to conduct hundreds of tests and collect samples of the seabed.

Geotechnical Spread on the Atlantic Carrier

Going into the winter months, the Atlantic Explorer will be keeping busy with a boulder removal campaign in the North Sea which should take it all the way through to the end of January.

The wide variety of work that the Atlantic Marine vessels were tasked with throughout the second half of the year show how versatile the vessels are. With several projects in the pipeline for the winter and going into summer 2018, and the Atlantic Supporter added to the fleet, it’s exciting times ahead.