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Offshore Equipment


Offshore Equipment

The Atlantic Marine fleet offers fully mobilised “add on” systems for hire within the ship charter package.

Although we do not carry out contracting works directly, we provide the option of specialist offshore and subsea equipment rental with specialist personnel to offshore contractors in a range of areas including ROV systems, diving systems geotechnical survey, seabed intervention works, and cable lay and repair.

These services are available on board the Atlantic Marine fleet and from our range of equipment for hire, off of which is perfectly adapted and ready for mobilisation onto the Atlantic Marine vessels.

Available systems: Cable lay & repair    ROV/WROV    Boulder & UXO removal    Mattress lay or removal    Subsea survey   Jet Trenching    Bubble Curtain and Compressed air    Heave compensated gangway   PLGR pre Lay Grapnel route clearance


Subsea and Offshore Assets


Triton XL ROV systems

Manufactured by Perry Tritech Inc, Atlantic Marine offer a fleet of 2 Triton XL heavy work class ROV systems.

Founded on the successful Triton pedigree, the Triton XL represents a successful work class ROV design. The Tritons have been produced in sufficient number and have created a well-established track record of performance in deep water.

Delivered with 200m tether plus 2000m of lift umbilical on a 2500 capacity winch, all of the systems are capable of operating in a water depth exceeding 2000m in their standard configuration.

Provisions are in place to easily upgrade to the full 2500m quoted system rating. The flexibility offered by all systems having this “off-the-shelf” depth capabilitypre installed on the Atlantic Marine fleet vessels provides a unique service to charterers and offshore contractors alike.

Two systems are available:
System 1: Permanently installed on board Atlantic Tonjer
System 2: Containerised system capable of installation on any DP2 vessel

SeaVex Mass Flow Excavator

SeaVex excavation equipment has been acquired by Atlantic Marine’s design and engineering team, and is based on a hybrid sub-sea excavation system which is extremely adaptable, compact and controllable.

The equipment houses a single pressed impellor complete with a direct drive and torque restrictor driven by a powerful compact hydraulic motor. Fitted with various adjustable outlets at the base of the tool it allows enhanced kPa cutting of a comprehensive range of seabed materials.

One system available.

Click here for full details and specification

Remote Operated Grab Excavator R.O.G.E WROV

Boulder removal – ROV inpsection – Survey – Salvage – UXO – Trenching

>22,000 subsea boulders & targets surveyed, identified, targeted & removed.

We are the world no.1 in ROGE ROV utility ROV systems. We have the longest track history with more successful projects and more systems available than any other company in the world.

Operated by the Atlantic Marine group company, ROGE SYSTEMS LTD, this ROGE ROV is a fully capable ROV system with all the attributes you would expect from a Work Class ROV or Utility ROV, but with the added ability to lift up to 15 tons from the seabed or salvage in a single lift. ROV pilots control the ROGE which can fly out on thrusters and survey, inspect & manipulate like an ROV using the subsea sonar, cameras and lights, but then the subsea hydraulic power pack and heavy lift function allows diver less cutting, debris removal, trenching, seabed intervention and boulder removal. Perfect for seabed intervention, salvage or seabed preparation works – all in one system.  > click here for more information

3 Individual Systems Available:

  • System 1: Permanently installed on board Atlantic Explorer
  • System 2: Containerised system capable of installation on any DP vessel.
  • System 3: Containerised system capable of installation on any DP vessel


  • 4000 meters capability
  • Load Bearing ROV – 20 tons lift
  • Up to 10M excursion to lift
  • Blue View Camera* (directional)
  • High-Res Cameras, Lights & Video
  • 2 Complete Systems Available

Interchangeable tools including:

  • Mass flow excavator*
  • Tine Grab
  • Shear Grab
  • Clamshell

Atlantic Marine Cable Lay and Repair Spread

48 hrs mobilisation onto Atlantic Carrier
  • Cable Basket/Carousel (option)
  • 2 x 5 ton 10 wheel cable engines
  • Cable Quadrant
  • 2 x Cable Chutes
  • 2 x Cable Highways
  • 2 x Cable Swan Necks
  • Engine Lay Control Systems
  • 2 x 2 Wheel Pairs

Offshore RIBs & Mini CTV daughter craft

For Rental
  • Length 8-9M
  • 12-28 Knots
  • 60 Miles Endurance
  • SHIP-CTV-Turbine Transfers
  • Rescue – Standby – Pax Transfer

Jet Trenching System

24 hrs mobilisation onto Atlantic Carrier or Atlantic Tonjer
  • HP water jet trenching
  • 0 – 30 meters water depth
  • Sled 8m x 5m – 8 Tons
  • MBR 3m
  • Soils to 25 Kpa

Mattress Lay System

For Rental
  • ROGE ROV mattress lay system
  • Lay one or two mattresses at the same time (Atlantic Carrier / Atlantic Tonjer)
  • Powerful ROGE ROV Thrusters position and orientate each mattress
  • ROGE ROV Subsea Cameras and Blueview sonar provide accurate diverless positioning

ROGE ROV MATTRESS LAY / RECOVERY:  We also offer the ability to lay single mattresses using our ROGE ROV system which has the capability to lock onto the mattress frame and orientate itself using the thruster propulsion on the ROGE in order to set up the correct heading and positioning while the ROGE ROV can simultaneously use the blueview SONAR and cameras to pre and post lay survey and the hydraulic release mechanism to release the matt on target. No need to us an ROV and no dover intervention required. One ROGE ROV system unit will survey, inspect, lay and post lay survey each matt in the most cost efficient operation of its kind on the market.

Ampelmann O-Type 'Gangway'

Safe And Efficient ‘Walk to Work’ Transfer With 24/7 Connection
  • Sea fastening: DNV approved
  • 20 m Gangway Length
  • Active Compensation During Landing, Passive Compensation During Transferring
  • Compensation: 2.5m+ HS
  • Enables a 24/7 Connection to the Platform
  • 3 x Operation / Modes