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Offshore Services


Offshore Services

Charter our vessels either “clear decks”, or use our ‘in house’ offshore/subsea equipment rental solution. We have the unique ability to provide a pre mobilised vessel WITH equipment to support many specialist offshore operations.

See our recent project track history for more information.

Our vessels, equipment and specialist personnel are able to provide the offshore contractor with a unique support package; Mobilised vessel, equipment and the specialist team and crew to run it all. We hold the procedures, documentation and certification for all of the following systems and offshore operations.

We also work closely with a number of offshore contractors around the world on exclusive framework agreements in order to provide them, and their clients a consistent, high level service in specialist subsea and offshore areas. If you are an end user, please get in touch with us and we can recommend the right full service contractors for your project who will provide the full offshore service package.


Available Services


Subsea Cable Services

  • Cable Lay
  • Cable Removal
  • Pre Lay Grapnel (PLGR)
  • Cable Trenching
  • Cable Route Survey
  • Inspection & Reporting

PLGR: Over the past 30 years, Atlantic Marine vessels have cleared tens of thousands of cable routes with our PLGR systems. We have the experience, equipment and understanding to support the offshore contractors. Running Line Tension monitoring, winches, wires, grapnel trains, clearance and cutting gear and crane support.

Cable lay, repair and removal: Atlantic Marine also has the Atlantic Carrier cable lay spread which includes cable tensioners, cable highways, over boarding chutes, cable quadrant, tuggers winches and control systems.  in 2013/14 we laid almost all the subsea cables on the humber gateway project for EON Renewables and in 2015, in conjunction with contracting charterers, we removed 80 klms of disused subsea power cables in the English Channel.  Whether it is cable lay, cable lift and repair/joint or cable removal, we have the vessel and equipment to support your subsea cable task.  click here for more information

Offshore ``Walk to Work`` services

Offshore Active Heave Compensated Gangways – Walk to Work operations.
  • Ampelmann ‘O’ Type Gangway available (OAS)
  • AHC Gangway operations up at 3m h/s wave heights
  • Permanent and temporary connections
  • Pre mobilised and available from Atlantic Enterprise

We have two offshore AHC gangway systems available, permanently installed on board our vessels;

1)one of the original OAS types, now operated by Ampelmann as the ‘O’ type.  Our system is now commissioned and available on board Atlantic Enterprise. The ‘O’ Type (OAS) system has a track history going back 10 years and thousands of safe transfers.

2) the amplemann A type (now also the Aep type) is available on board either Atlantic Enterprise or Atlantic Tonjer. See more information here.

We offer a class approved and certified system with procedures and operators approved and trained by the manufacturers and gangway experts.

The system offers three methods of connection: See the equipment rental page for a video tour and more information:  Click here

Subsea Boulder, Debris and UXO Removals

Subsea targets inspection, pre and post removal survey. Removal of debris, UXO and boulders or salvage with each lift from 5KG to 15,000 KG using our ROGE Utility ROV system. System provided with ROGE ROV Pilots and full support.

We are NUMBER 1 in the world for experience and ability with our ROGE ROV system ROGE RAKE System and ROGE ROV PILOTS.  

We can remove subsea boulders at a rate of up to 40-100 boulders – or more – per 24hrs (depending on distance to be moved.)  Our system acts like an ROV also, surveying, inspecting and clearing boulders and subsea intervention works (so no ROV, no diver and no airbags required). 

The system can locate and pick up debris, cargo salvage, or boulders up to 2.5 meters in size and up to 15 tons in weight.  (20 tons is also possible with minor change to certification).

We GUARANTEE to be faster and more efficient than any other method of subsea boulder removal and we are number 1 in the world with our experienced team and over 26,000 boulders removed in the past 4 years…  See our track history

Click here for more information, video and downloads.


  • Inspections
  • Survey
  • Manipulation
  • Subsea Engineering

Our specialist vessels, Atlantic Tonjer and Atlantic Carrier, are both offered with the ability to provide a full service ROV spread on board. The Atlantic Tonjer has a dedicated ROV hanger also.

Atlantic Marine employs a number of ROV Pilots, ROV technicians and supervisors.  Our marine base in Great Yarmouth houses the ROV workshops and tooling to support our fleet of ROGE ROVs and standard ROV units.

Our ROGE ROV systems also offer UXO inspections, boulder removal and more recently we have used these systems with cable and pipe trackers installed from the TSS 350 to the Pangeo SBI systems for sub bottom profiling and cable tracking duties.  We have sample data and production information available on request.

Mass Flow Excavations

We have the SEAVEX system in house. With multiple nozzles and flow rates, we can cover any seabed excavations.  NOTE: This system can be used in tandem with the ROGE ROV for directional control.

Atlantic Carrier and Atlantic Tonjer are both capable of supporting the Seavex Mass Flow system we offer as an in house rental system.

We have also operated the ROTECH mass flow excavator in the Irish Sea from Atlantic Carrier and her crane with great success.

In addition we have the ability to provide the technical personnel and the entire Mass Flow system, all mobilised and ready to go on board one of our ships.

Click here for more system information and downloads

Subsea Mattress Lay

With either the MDS 3 system (lays three mattress units in a single ‘dive” OR single mattress deployment using our subsea single mattress frame.  Combine with the ROGE ROV for cable and pipeline ‘as buried’ surveys and tracking as we are optimised for the Pangeo SBI or TSS 350/450 trackers.

We have two systems capable of subsea mattress lay AND mattress removal.

ROGE ROV system:  This solution launches one mattress at a time.  The ROGE ROV is attached to the mattress frame and propels mattress into position using the 4 powerful subsea thrusters. The hydraulic power pack then releases the pins on the frame to release the matt in position.  The advantage with this system is that a single spread of equipment does the entire job; The ROGE ROV surveys (video / sonar) a pipeline or cable track, and then also lays the Matts and post surveys. One single system does all. Low cost solution with no separate ROV or diver solution required.

MDS 3 system: with the capability to launch and lay three mattress units at the same time. This unit uses 4 powerful subsea thrusters to change the heading and assist to position the matts accurately on the sea floor.  Atlantic Carrier or Atlantic Tonjer will operate this system. (Track record: Project Sept 2016, German waters. ROGE ROV system simultaneously fitted with a cable tracker to assist with post lay burial inspection and mattress survey)

Subsea Jet Trenching

With our own jet unit.  Currently configured for soils up to 25 Kpa and burials depths to 3M with water depths from 0-25 meters. Perfect for use with our cable lay and repair services.
  • HP water jet trenching
  •  0 – 30 meters water depth
  •  Sled 8m x 5m – 8 Tons
  •  MBR 3m
  •  Soils to 25 Kpa

Subsea Geo-Technical and Geo-Physical Survey

We have the experience to support your offshore surveyors and technical teams having carried out tens of thousands of offshore CPT, coring, and drilling support operations from our fleet.

Over the last 20 years, Atlantic Marine vessels have specialised in CPT and Vibrocore operations for clients such as FUGRO Alluvial and many more.   We have completed thousands of Geotechnical Survey operations for our clients.  Whilst we do not hold the coring equipment itself, our vessels provide the ideal low cost platform.

The Atlantic Carrier has a 3.2 x 3.2m Moon Pool with a 40 ton crane which reaches easily over the centre of the moon pool to a height of over 20 meters clear of the deck.  With her DP2 capability, this provides the perfect geotechnical drilling platform.

We have the experience and the track history to support your geotechnical operations.

Offshore Accommodation Services

SOV & Walk to Work. With our background in offshore and super yachts, we can offer vessels from 10 to 100 beds offshore. We understand the offshore needs for good hot food, comfortable bedding, entertainment and cinema, WiFi, gymnasiums and facilities such as saunas and on board shopping.

  • Atlantic Surveyor:   12-14 client beds
  • Atlantic Carrier: 30 client beds
  • Atlantic Tonjer & Atlantic Enterprise: 50-100 client beds. SPS coded.


All our vessels are fitted with approved CTV transfer ladders.

Our Walk to Work solutions include the ability to quickly mobilise the Ampelmann “A” Type or to provide our existing (in house) Ampelmann “O” Type (OAS) solution gangway.

Safety Standby

We offer safety standby and guard vessel services with larger vessels capable of 24/7 standby in the toughest winter conditions and with daughter craft (we have a daughter craft and RIB fleet) like the one pictured here.

Atlantic Surveyor is fitted for basic ERRV support operations and offers the ability to launch and recover the daughter craft pictured here.

  • TP Safety daughter Craft with TP transfers docking head (See photo>)
  • Safety standby vessel services
  • Guard-ship support
  • Hospital & Survivor spaces

Offshore Diving Support

With our expertise in supporting subsea diving operations with procedures, compliant IMCA standard support, Launch and recovery systems and Diving standard DP2/3 operations and procedures.

Atlantic Tonjer and Atlantic Carrier offer:

  • Track History in North Sea Diving
  • DP2 compliant dynamic positioning with excellent redundancy
  • 30-50 beds for charterers & dive teams (+crew)
  • Taut Wire referencing + HiPAP / USBL
  • Diver LARS areas (Tonjer) / Moon Pool (Carrier)
  • Overside subsea crane

Subsea Survey

  • Multi-beam
  • Side Scan and Blue View sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • Geo mapping
  • geo-technical and geophysical
  • Seabed exploration
  • Seismic support

and all other sub-sea survey areas are supported by our fleet.

Platform Supply Vessels

Our fleet offers Platform Supply duties for the Southern North Sea sector on spot rates or globally, on contract. Standard DP2 operations and procedures.  Experienced crews with O&G 500m zone experience.

Atlantic Tonjer and Atlantic Carrier offer:

  • Track History in PSV operations
  • DP2 compliant dynamic positioning with excellent redundancy
  • 450-750 m2 deck areas
  • Bunker support
  • Safet Standby
  • Crane Operations

Bubble Curtain Support Vessel

ABOUT: Bubble Curtain Operations are the modern approved method of subsea acoustic environmental protection.  A pipeline is laid on the seabed surrounding the noise source (i.e. dangerous noise levels such as foundation piling operations) and air is then pumped through the pipe via small, evenly spaced nozzles into the water.

Air bubbles rise up from the seabed to the surface creating a curtain of bubble.  Sound waves are ‘caught’ in the curtain, reducing noise travel by up to 80%.

Atlantic Enterprise is fitted with the winch equipment and high pressure compressors capable of delivering the compressed and and laying/recovering the subsea pipeline. Another task that can be offered simultaneously with the offshore accommodation capability for example.

Atlantic Carrier has the deck space and the rear pipe chute, ideal for bubble curtain equipment mobilisation and pipe deployment.