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Subsea Boulders – Debris Removal – Deep Sea Salvage – Trenching – Mattress Lay and removal – Mass Flow Excavations – Decommissioning – ROV surveys

Atlantic Marine and ROGE SYSTEMS LTD present the worlds first and most successful ROGE ROV SYSTEM


We are the world no.1 in ROGE ROV utility systems. We have the longest track history with more successful projects and more systems available than any other company in the world.

  • Boulders: >45,000 subsea boulders & targets surveyed, identified, targeted & removed since 2013
  • Salvage: Wrecks, Debris and recovery operations from 4 to 4,000 meters water depth. Track record from 2005

Operated by group company, ROGE SYSTEMS LTD, this ROGE ROV (Remote Operated Grab Excavator) is a fully capable ROV system with all the attributes you would expect from a Work Class ROV or Utility ROV, but with the added ability to lift up to 15 tons from the seabed or salvage in a single lift and multiple tools including the new ROGE RAKE for boulder and debris clearance.

How: ROV pilots control the ROGE which can fly out on thrusters and survey, inspect & manipulate like an ROV using the subsea sonar, cameras and lights.

Subsea hydraulic power pack and heavy lift function allows diver less cutting, debris removal, trenching, seabed intervention and boulder removal. Perfect for seabed intervention, salvage or seabed preparation works – all in one system.

3 Individual Systems Available:

  • System 1: Permanently installed on board Atlantic Explorer
  • System 2: Containerised system capable of installation on any DP vessel.
  • System 3: Containerised system capable of installation on any DP vessel


  • 4000 meters capability
  • Load Bearing ROV – 20 tons lift
  • Up to 10M excursion to lift
  • Blue View Camera* (directional)
  • High-Res Cameras, Lights & Video
  • 2 Complete Systems Available

Interchangeable tools including:

  •  Mass flow excavator*
  •  Tine Grab
  •  Shear Grab
  •  Clamshell

Subsea Salvage System

Deep Sea Salvage and Cargo Recovery

Non Ferrous Cargo from 1,000 meters

Track history Subsea

Salvaged by the ROGE ROV system